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If you click on the links below, you can watch a video of me sharing how Christ set me free from porn, and you can also watch a video of how Christ helped heal our marriage after porn.  Just click on the links, and it will take you straight to the video.

Josh’s Story      Josh and Kelly’s Story 

I am married to Kelly, and we have 8 children (5 girls, 3 boys).  We live in Waxahachie, TX.  I love getting to connect with my wife and invest in my kids.  I cannot share about me and my family without talking about Caleb.  Our son Caleb went to be with Jesus in May of 2010.  We miss him greatly and are thankful to God for being with us and sustaining us through this part of our journey.

I have the opportunity every week to meet with men or male students in a one to one context.  I also get the chance to travel and speak to churches, schools, and camps on how God wants us to walk in freedom from idolatry.  Prior to this, I was a coach at a Christian school, and I have also served as a Lead Pastor and a Student Pastor.

As I mentor/coach these men or students, I want to help them run to Jesus.  When they run to Jesus:

  • They can lay down their idols as they process the pain of their past.
  • They can see who they have been made to be in light of the cross of Jesus Christ.
  • They can understand what God’s plan is for their future.

 It is all about pointing them to Christ!

As one part of my mentoring times, I have had opportunity to point several men/students to Christ as He helps them on the path to freedom from idolatry, specifically sexual sin.

I would love the chance to connect with your church, school, or camp.

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