2017-End of Year Giving

It is indeed a privilege to get to do the ministry that God has called us to.  Make no mistake, it is hard and has its challenges, but there is nothing better than doing exactly what you know God has called you to do.

Many of you know this, and many of you do not.  The vast majority of our income comes from the financial generosity of those who give to our ministry.  We have churches and families and businesses who believe in what we are doing, and they contribute financially to our ministry monthly, quarterly, or annually.

I said the following last year, but I feel the need to say it again.  When it comes to giving money to a ministry, people think all kinds of different things.  I know that there are many who have abused this, but this is not how we do things at all.  Our ministry falls under the umbrella of our local church, and we have financial accountability on what our salary, etc. looks like.

We are trying to raise more ministry money for 2018.  God continues to use our ministry to help men, students, and families experience freedom from idolatry (specifically sexual sin) through the truth of the Gospel.  As you consider your 2017 end of the year giving, we would ask that you prayerfully consider giving to our ministry.  Please note it will be a 501c3 tax deductible contribution.

If He does lead you to give, then simply click on this link:

Ministry Giving (If you do this, please email terry@remedy-church.com and indicate specific purpose.)

You can also make a check out to Remedy Church (Please note specific purpose in memo line) and mail it to:

Remedy Church, PO Box 2925, Waxahachie TX 75168

Merry Christmas and God’s Blessings for 2018!



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