Majestic, Messiah, Master, Mission (Master-Part 6)


What have I been blogging about for several months?



God wants to be MASTER!

God wants us to live on MISSION!

If we see God’s MAJESTY, then we know we fall short of it and are in need of someone to rescue us.  That is why God is also MESSIAH.  He is the one who rescues.  Once He rescues us, the only option is to make Him MASTER of all aspects of our lives.  If we are honest, we would say no one can do that 100%.  Even if He is MASTER, we are going to sin.  The issue is what do we do after we sin.

If God is MASTER, then I believe these things will be true:

We will sin because we are human.

We must listen to rebuke after we sin to get us back on the path of God being MASTER.

We must accept the consequences of our sin.

What helps us accept the consequences is experiencing the forgiveness that God has for us.  What motivates to make Him MASTER of all every day is the forgiveness He has for our sin.

Take a listen to this message I recently did.  It talks about all the things I just mentioned.  If you find yourself reading this and don’t know Christ, my challenge is to surrender control of your life to God by receiving the free gift of His Son, Jesus Christ.  If you already know Jesus, may the truth of God’s forgiveness motivate you to make God MASTER today.

Here is the message:

Sin, Rebuke, Consequences, Forgiveness


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