Call to Prayer, Part 3

This will be my last blog on a call to prayer.  Well, at least it will be my last post in this series.  I always reserve the right to call us to more prayer.  We must pray!  We must cry out to our Heavenly Father!  For a moment, think about these things:

  • What’s going on in our world?
  • What’s going on in our nation?
  • What’s going on in the church in our world?
  • What’s going on in the church in our nation?
  • What’s going on in your life personally?
  • What’s going on with your family?

How do you/we respond to all this?  PRAY!!!!

What do we pray?

  • Our Father (If we know Jesus, we can cry out to our Heavenly Father.  If you don’t know Jesus, would you consider following Him today so you can connect with your Heavenly Father.)
  • Hallowed Be your Name (We pray to a God whose name is revered, hallowed, renowned!)
  • Your Kingdom Come (Cry out and ask God to let you experience His presence and His power in whatever you face today)
  • Your Will Be Done (Above all else, we pray His will to be done)
  • Daily Bread (We rely only on Him for we need for today, just today.  Fasting is a great way to be completely dependent on the Lord.)
  • Forgiveness (We must know Jesus to experience forgiveness from God.  Only Jesus can help us know the depth of our forgiveness.  We confess sins to God regularly so we can experience the same cleansing and forgiveness we were given when we said YES to Jesus.  We forgive others the same way God has forgiven us.
  • Lead us not into temptation (We escape from temptation and run to Jesus.  We bow down to Him and only Him.)
  • Deliver us from evil (If He chooses, God can deliver us from evil in this life, and followers of Jesus will most definitely be delivered from evil in the next life.  I can’t wait for Heaven.  Come quickly Lord Jesus!)

The sermon I posted last week was the first half of my take on the Lord’s prayer.  This sermon is a conclusion of my thoughts on the Lord’s Prayer.  Take a listen.

Lord’s Prayer Sermon


Call to Prayer, Part 2

If you follow my blog, you know I have spent a great deal of time the last several months blogging about how God is Majestic and Messiah, and I have blogged about how God wants to be our Master and wants us to live on Mission.  I took a break from that last week to challenge us to pray.  Today, I continue that same theme.

Yesterday, I woke up and saw the news coming out of Las Vegas.  I was saddened and deeply grieved.  Maybe you felt some of these emotions as well.  However, I wasn’t shocked.  I wasn’t shocked because this is happening all too often in our country.  This brought upon me even more sadness.  Where did I take this sadness?  I took it to the Lord.

We must respond to this tragedy in prayer.  We must respond to the crisis in Puerto Rico on prayer.  We must respond in prayer for the relief efforts in Florida and Houston.  We must respond in prayer to all that is going on with North Korea.

We know about these tragedies.  Let me tell you a tragedy we don’t talk about very much.  One of my pastors recently shared these stats with me, and it broke my heart:

  • 16856 people groups
  • 6992 unreached
  • 3.15 billion souls
  • 42% of world’s population

That’s over 40% of the world’s population that have not been reached with the Gospel.  What is our response to this?  We must PRAY!  God may be calling you to partner financially to help missionaries reach the unreached.  He may be calling you to go to the unreached.  One thing is for sure.  We all must pray!!!

Whether it is the need for the Gospel to go to all nations or for God to intervene in horrible circumstances in our nation and world, we must pray!  We also must pray for so many other reasons:

  • To dine with our Father
  • To honor His Great Name
  • For His Kingdom to Come (in our lives personally, the nation, the world)
  • For His Will to be Done (in our lives personally, the nation the world)

There are many other reasons, but these are just a few.  Take some time to listen to the following message, and then go have intimacy with the Heavenly Father.

Call to Pray Sermon, Part 2

We must pray!!!!