Call To Prayer, Part 1

I am going to take a break from the Majestic, Messiah, Master series for a few weeks or so.  I will come back to that.

However, recent events in our country/world have compelled me to post this.

As I have read the news over the last couple of weeks, this is what I have read:

  • North Korea Chaos
  • Another London Bombing
  • More violence/protests in St. Louis
  • Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria
  • Earthquake in Mexico
  • Church Shooting in Nashville
  • Professional Athletes Protesting Over Racial Injustice
  • United States President in twitter wars with these athletes and professional sports leagues

Anyone afraid?  Anyone depressed?  Anyone experiencing anxiety?  Anyone feeling insecure?

If I am honest with you, I would say I am experiencing many of these emotions!  Here is what I know:

God is in absolute, complete control because He is sovereign!

How do I rest in that truth?  How does God want me to respond to all this chaos in our world?  Our nation?  How does God want me to respond to the chaos that exists in me much of the time?

Answer = PRAY!!!!!!

I got to preach yesterday.  My sermon was entitled – “Call to Prayer”.

Click on the link below if you want to listen:

Call to Prayer Sermon

May we feel compelled to cry out to God in prayer!


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