Commissioning of Our Ministry

Our family feels called of God to take the truth of the Gospel to men, students, and families.  We want men, students and families to tear down idolatry so they can experience the freedom that comes from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  As of 2017, our ministry is now under the spiritual covering and ministry umbrella of our church, Remedy Church.  On 2/5 Remedy commissioned us in their worship service.

You can listen to the commissioning service here:

Proctors Commissioning Service at Remedy

The whole thing is a little over 1 hour.

You can choose to only listen to our pastor speaking about “commissioning”.  That goes for about the first 15 minutes.

You could also listen to just me speaking.  It starts at the 15:30 mark and goes until about 42:00.

If you want to hear a really cool story of the Gospel freeing someone from idolatry and restoring their marriage, then start at the 42:00 mark.  This portion of the audio lasts about 25 minutes.  We applaud this couple (Dave and Annie) for the courage they showed in sharing their story.

We are so thankful to Remedy Church for letting us be under their “Spiritual Covering”.

May we continue to advance God’s Kingdom by tearing down idolatry through the truth of the Gospel.  May God do more miracles like he did with Dave and Annie!

Praise the Lord Most High!


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