Purpose for Sex, Part 7

Again, I am sorry it has taken me so long to get another post up.  I don’t want to keep blaming it on life, but it has still been crazy.  I continue to disciple many men and students, and I continue to have a heavy speaking load. Moreover, our almost 2-year-old fractured his forearm.  Praise the Lord that his arm is supposed to completely heal.

Enough of my excuses of why I haven’t posted for about 10 days.  Let’s crank out one more post.

This will be our last post in our 7-part series on the “Purpose for Sex”.  We have looked at how “sex is worship”, how “sex is about intimacy”, how “sex demonstrates faithfulness”, how “sex is intended to be a selfless act”, how “sex is for pleasure”, and how “sex produces a Godly heritage”.  Today we will look at how “God honoring sex can only be heterosexual”.  Scripture is clear on this point.  Our culture does not see it that way so even trying to address it can prove to be controversial.  I will attempt to be as non-controversial as possible, while sharing the truth in love.

Just a few quick reminders: Why am I writing about this? –

  1. Many of the men and students I have helped were not taught the true purpose of sex growing up, either in their homes or in church.
  2. Culture is teaching many false things about sex and its purpose.
  3. If I understand the purpose for sex, then I have a much better shot of understanding God’s boundaries.

7 Purposes of Sex (not saying this is all there is, but these 7 are outlined in Scripture for sure) –

  1. Sex is worship.
  2. Sex is about intimacy.
  3. Sex demonstrates faithfulness.
  4. Sex is intended to be a selfless act.
  5. Sex is for pleasure.
  6. Sex produces a Godly heritage.
  7. God honoring sex can only be heterosexual.

Today’s Post – “God honoring sex can only be heterosexual”

Let me start off by saying a few things.

First, many who claim to know Christ have been very unkind to the LGBTQ community.  That is unacceptable and is not the purpose of today’s post or any of my posts.  It is the kindness of God that leads people to Him!

Secondly, many who claim to know Christ have come out in favor of homosexuality.  From my perspective, this has produced a ton of confusion.

Thirdly, please know I have met with many young men in a one to one context who are not participating in sex God’s way. This includes sitting across from many who are participating in homosexuality.  I love them the best way I know how and point them to the Scriptures and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is what I will attempt to do in this blog post.

Sex was ordained by God in the garden of Eden between Adam and Eve (one man and one woman).  One point I would like to make is that if God was signing off on homosexual sex, wouldn’t he have ordained homosexual sex at the beginning of time like He did with heterosexual sex?

God had an entire book written on sex called Song of Solomon.  That entire book is about heterosexual sex.  If God wanted and was okay with homosexual sex, would He not have had Song of Solomon mention it?  Would He not have had another book written on it?

1 Corinthians 6 condemns homosexuality.  Keep in mind it condemns many other things.  We tend to only focus on homosexuality, but there were other things mentioned as well (things like sexual sin, idolatry, stealing, greed, drunkenness, gossiping/slandering, swindling, etc.).

Side note: I want to continue in this blog to point out how God honoring sex can only be heterosexual, but I need to stop here and make a point.  All sin dishonors God!  When we pursue sex outside of heterosexual marriage that dishonors God!  When we bow down to false idols that dishonors God!  When we steal that dishonors God!  When we are greedy that dishonors God! When we get drunk that dishonors God!  When we gossip or slander or swindle that dishonors God!  All sin dishonors God. We must look at the stuff in our heart.  If Jesus is Messiah, then He must be Master!  It is a lifelong pursuit to let Him master our hearts.

The purpose of today’s post is not to throw rocks at those in the LGBTQ community.  If you read my blogs you know I condemn all sin, all idolatry.  Why do I do this?  God condemns all sin.  That is why we need Jesus to save us, and I am so thankful for Christ’s sacrifice!

Back to the purpose of this post.  Like I said, 1 Corinthians 6 condemns it, and so does Romans 1.  Romans 1 goes so far as to say that sex between man and woman is natural, and sex between same sex is to be considered unnatural.  God calls these acts shameful, and they are.  And so is a bunch of other sin.  And make sure we are clear, homosexuality is sin.

Sex is not something that exists over on its own little island.  Sex is created by God, and it is an act that is meant to be worshipful!  Sex must run through the lens of Scripture and the lens of the Gospel.  Therefore, understanding the purposes of sex is so important.  Let’s go back and look at two of the purposes of sex I have outlined in this series:

Sex is worship

If I am to worship God with sex, then it is only worshipful if I am doing it His way.  If I am pursuing homosexuality, I am worshiping my partner, myself, or both.  I am not worshiping God!!!

Sex produces a Godly heritage

I am not at all poking fun or trying to be graphic, as much as I am just trying to be as honest as I can about what God created. I have an extension cord at my house.  There is a male end and a female end.  I can plug the male end into the female end. Why can I do this?  They fit.  The same is true of male and female sexual organs.  They fit!  God designed it this way.  Last post we shared how God wants sex to produce a Godly heritage.  When the male sperm connects with the female egg, a life is formed.  Life begins at conception (that will be a post for another day).  Homosexual sex cannot reproduce a life.  If one of God’s purposes of sex was to reproduce life (Godly heritage), then how does homosexual sex fit in His purposes?  The answer is that it doesn’t!

Let me be clear.  I am condemning homosexual sex because God does (like many other sins).  I am honoring heterosexual sex because God does (like many other acts of worship).  I am not condemning homosexuals.  Many Christians are drawn to that lifestyle.  The only way to walk away from it is to let Christ become Master!  The reason many Christian that are drawn to that lifestyle choose that lifestyle is simply because the LGBTQ community is more loving and accepting that many “Christians” in the church.

Here is an idea.  Love people where they are at, and let God’s kindness lead them to Him (not our preaching, pointing fingers, or our shame).  What if the church out loved the LGBTQ community?  Much could come from this.  One of the things that could come from that kind of love would be for homosexuals and lesbians to be more likely to even listen to God’s purpose for sex as outlined in Scripture.  I promise you they are not going to be listening while I am preaching at them!

Sorry for my rant.  Let’s sum up this blog series.  One more time let’s look at the 7 purposes of sex:

  1. Sex is worship.
  2. Sex is about intimacy.
  3. Sex demonstrates faithfulness.
  4. Sex is intended to be a selfless act.
  5. Sex is for pleasure.
  6. Sex produces a Godly heritage.
  7. God honoring sex can only be heterosexual.

May we view sex through the lens of Scripture and Christ’s Gospel, and may we view all of life from that lens as well!




  1. I want to say thank you, for all the time, effort, and dedication to scriptural truth you have placed in these posts. The light you are using to point out and correct the misunderstanding of sexual relations is so bright and clear, yet not blinding. What a blessing to be able to bless those that don’t quite “get it”. When my wife first talked about your work, and this blog, because of what I had done to us, I felt obligated to start reading. The more I read the more I wanted. And this last series was great, concise, but not lecturous in any way. I guess all I can say is thank God for what he does through you.

    • You have been so encouraging for such a long time. Thank you for that encouragement.

      I wanted to share these truths because I did not know and understand them when I was growing up. I am glad the Lord used it to speak to you.

      May we continue to pursue Christ and the freedom He provides!


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