Saving Men in a Hyper Sexualized Culture, Part 6

The last couple of weeks I have posted the teaching/training sessions from the Online Conference with the Southern Baptists of Texas.  The next several posts will be video/testimonies.  The first video is of my wife and I sharing our journey of how pornography almost destroyed our marriage.  The good news for us is the journey did not end there.  We also share how the Gospel set me free from addiction and how the Gospel brings forgiveness and healing.  I know there are many couples struggling right now, just like Kelly and I were.  You may know some of those couples, and you may not.  They might be suffering in silence.  Feel free to post this video to your social media outlets as a way to offer hope for married couples who need to know that Christ can intervene in those hard places of their marriage.



  1. Josh and Kelly, you’ve both demonstrated courage in fighting for yourselves, your marriage and your children, yet with dependence ultimately on the love and power of Jesus. Thank you for your additional courage to share your redemptive journey with all of us!

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