Prayer for Saving Men in a Hyper Sexualized Culture


Saving Men In a Hyper Sexualized Culture Online Conference is tomorrow at either 10am or 7pm.

Matthew 6 talks about fasting in secret.  I think that means we don’t parade around arrogantly while we are fasting so others think that is what we are doing.  I don’t think that means you can’t tell believers you are fasting and praying for something specific.

With that said, I’ll be praying and fasting for this event tomorrow.  I am asking if you would consider doing the same.  Sexual sin is killing all kinds of people in our culture, but I believe it starts with the men.  We have no shot of destroying the idol of sexual sin in the hearts of men unless God intervenes.  Would you beg him through a time of fasting and prayer tomorrow for him to intervene?

Thank you for considering this!  To God be the glory! May the hearts of men be set free through the power of the Gospel! Tomorrow may not set guys completely free, but the road to freedom can start then. Pray to this end!

To register for this event, go to

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