Temptation Tracker, BLAST-Part 1

My next several blog posts will have to do with the temptation tracker.  I am trying something new.  I believe that God has given me some unique insight on this.  Therefore, I am asking this about every blog I post on the Temptation Tracker.  Can you post the link to the blog on your facebook or twitter, etc?  I do not use social media because of my past struggles with pornography, and there are many things on social media that could potentially trip me up.  I would just rather avoid the temptation completely (this is the same reason I don’t have a smart phone).  But I also know that social media is a powerful communication tool.  I would love for this insight that God has given me to be communicated to as many as possible.  If you so desire, you can also post this link to a sermon I did about the temptation tracker specifially:

Temptation Tracker Sermon

Just a reminder about where this came from.  I spoke at a school a few years ago, and I met a guy who had come up with a temptation tracker to help folks track lustful temptation.  I have since found that this helps us track all temptation to bow down to idols.  First, we must identify what that idol is, and the tracker can help you determine the root issue behind your idolatry struggle.

I always like to give credit where it is due:

Temptation Tracker (created by Doug Hutchins with goingtransparent.com)

To see more on this on my site, click on this link: TempationTrackerPage

One of the things the temptation tracker helps us identify is what emotionally triggers us to bow down to other idols.  Every time a person is tempted to bow down to a false idol, they need to account for what they were feeling emotionally during that temptation.  It looks like this-

Feeling: how were you feeling when temptation hit (Remember: BLAST)

  • Bored
  • Lonely
  • Afraid
  • Angry
  • Stressed
  • Sad
  • Shame
  • Tired

Today let’s look at B, the issue of boredom.

I believe that being bored is actually a purpose problem.  We live in a culture where we believe the purpose of our life is to actually be entertained.  If I am not constantly entertained, then boredom can set in.  I have found this to really be hurting the young men in our American culture.  The American church is not exempt.  Many churches have resorted to entertaining those who come into their worship services.  Why?  If I am not entertained, then I may get bored.

The reality is we were not created for the purpose of being entertained.  We were created for the purpose of worshiping the One who created us and redeemed us at the cross.

Consider Colossians 1:13-22.

  • Followers of Jesus were rescued from the Kingdom of darkness and brought into the Kingdom of Light.
  • Followers of Jesus were purchased by Christ’s blood on the cross and are forgiven of all sins.
  • Jesus is Creator of all things, and all things (including us) were created to worship Him.
  • Jesus sustains all of creation.
  • Jesus is the head of the Church, and He has first place in everything.
  • Through Christ we can be reconciled to God the Father.
  • Followers of Jesus used to be engaged in evil, but because of Him, we are now holy and blameless.

I have been rescued from darkness by Jesus so I worship Jesus!  

I have been forgiven by Jesus so I worship Jesus!

I have been created by Jesus so I worship Jesus!

Jesus sustains creation so I worship Jesus!

Jesus has first place in all things so I worship Jesus!

I have been reconciled to God the Father by Jesus so I worship Jesus!

In Jesus, God the Father sees me as holy and blameless so I worship Jesus!

What does this look like?

When I wake up in the morning and get ready, I am worshiping Jesus.  When I spend time with Jesus, I am worshiping Jesus. When I eat breakfast, I am worshiping Jesus.  When I go to work, I am worshiping Jesus.  When I eat lunch, I am worshiping Jesus.  When I continue working, I am worshiping Jesus.  When I get home and eat dinner, I am worshiping Jesus.  When I engage my wife and children in the evening, I am worshiping Jesus.  When I put my younger kids to bed, I am worshiping Jesus.  When I lay down to go to bed, I am worshiping Jesus.  No matter what I am doing, I am worshiping Jesus.  If this sounds redundant, it is meant to sound that way.  All of life is about worshiping Jesus.  I was created for that, and I was redeemed by Christ at the cross to do that.

If I am not worshiping Him when I am doing life, then there is a good chance I am worshiping myself.

When I worship myself, I often times can be looking to be entertained.  When I constantly need to be entertained, boredom can set in.  When boredom sets in, I lack purpose.  When I am experiencing a lack of purpose, I am really prone to temptation to bow down to idolatry.

What’s the point?

I can find purpose in whatever I am doing if I am doing it to worship the One who created me and died and rose again on my behalf.

Are you bored?

Are you lacking purpose?

Can you see how Christ wants you to worship Him in everything?

Ask the Holy Spirit to empower you to worship Christ and Christ alone!

I want this to be the aim of my life, and I want it to be what I model for my children-Created to be entertained? NO WAY! Created to worship the Creator!

Pray that God will help me to live out this aim.  Pray that He would help you do the same thing!

If boredom is potentially leading us to idolatry, let’s run to Jesus and find our purpose in worshiping Him!


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