Do I bow down to Jesus and only Jesus?

Well, now it just seems that I am just getting in the habit of posting sermons, but that is what I am sensing the Lord wants me to do.  Therefore, I am going to post another one.

This past Sunday I was back at Grace Covenant Church in Arlington, TX, and I was preaching about idolatry.  Specifically, I was talking about what motivates us to bow down to Jesus and only Jesus.  What motivates us in this regard?  Namely, that Jesus is:

  • Majestic
  • Messiah
  • Master

I also talked about how to practically get to the root issue of our idolatry struggles using a temptation tracker.  A man by the name of Doug Hutchins first introduced this to me, and I am thankful that he lets me use it to help people experience freedom in Christ.

To listen to the sermon, just click on the link below:

August 28 sermon at Grace Covenant

After clicking on the link, just click the “play” button on the web page.

Let’s bow down to Jesus and only Jesus!!!!



  1. I am thankful that you are doing this often enough, that you now have to put the day and month, not just the month of the sermon. Thank you, your post are a continued support to me. Your sermons continue to remind me to be watchful of all the idols we pass in our journey. The importance of taking something we become passionate about before His throne and making sure it does not occupy or replace what He has for our lives. I can see the shifts in my life, the changes in priorities and what I devote time to. Still have a long way to go, but thank you for being there.

  2. Sorry for late reply. Thank you so much for your constant encouragement. That means the world to me. Sometimes I get discouraged, and encouragement is one of the things that help me keep going as I deliver this message. FYI: It is my understanding I will be at Grace Prep on 10/24 for a parent night. I hope to see you there. Please come up and say “hi”. Let’s continue to run to Jesus and bow down to Him and only Him.

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