No Crown Without Cross

For this post I thought I would do the same thing as I did my last 2 posts.  This post is a link to another sermon I did.  I preached yesterday in Arlington, TX, at Grace Covenant Church.

During this sermon, I talk about how we want crowns in life with no cross.  We want rewards without sacrifice.  Christianity =

  • To live I must die
  • To win I must lose
  • To lead I must serve
  • To be first I must be last

Am I willing to let Christ teach me how to die to myself so He can resurrect what He wants?  Am I willing to come to a place I believe that He is enough?

In the message, I get very personal about my own life’s journey (specifically watching our church plant collapse and walking through the stillbirth of our son, Caleb, and in the process learning Jesus is enough).

To listen, just click on the link below (FYI-the first part of the message is me being introduced):

August Sermon at Grace Covenant

After clicking on the link, just click the “play” button on the web page.

He is enough!!!!



  1. Every time Brother, I start feeling like I get it, the bible study makes sense, my eyes and heart open to the book I’m reading. Bam there you are, right between the eyes you hit me with this inspiring sermon that lets me know, I have to keep moving toward his glory. What’s great is, putting all of this together and not feeling shame, and allowing Satan to use that and keep me down. I now know the truth, love and grace of God through his Son covers my iniquity, and striving to be better is a joy, no longer an unimaginable burden. Thank you for listening to what you were called to do, and being his conduit for truth.

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