Forgiving As He Forgives

For this post I thought I would do the same thing as I did on my last post a couple of days ago.  This post is a link to another sermon I did.  I preached in July at my church home, Remedy Church, in Waxahachie, TX.

During this sermon, I talk about how unresolved anger eats a whole in our soul, and I share how The Gospel is the motivation for us to release our anger.  How do we release our anger?  We do so by forgiving those who have wronged us.

Just click on the link below:

July Sermon Remedy Church in Waxahachie

After clicking on the link, just click the “play” button on the web page.

May we forgive as He has forgiven us!!!!



  1. Amen, Brother
    For years as I woke up, and trudged through the house getting ready for work, my unforgiveness of minor things allowed Satan to plant seeds, generate thoughts that were untrue, but felt real. I can remember arguing with myself as I walked through the house, and slowly the feeling felt more and more real, and my spiral downward ended poorly for my family. You talked at GPA, my wife attended, it was a short time after I had come clean. It was a turning point for us, I thank God for you, and your courage to say the truth, not hide behind political correctness or some false social justice. The ship is turning, it is slow, and like a turning titanic, we still bump into a few ice burgs, but more and more we allow God to control the conversation. More and more I see the forgiveness I have to give, and more and more it works.

    Thank you for allowing God to use you.

    • Bro,

      Praise the Lord that He helped you come clean! Praise the Lord that He is helping you understand how to receive and extend forgiveness. Praise the Lord for the freedom that comes from the Gospel!

      God’s blessings bro!


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