My Response to Orlando

This is a long one.  Sorry.

I have really thought long and hard on how to write this blog.  I sense that what I am writing is directed by the Lord.  Just know that the words I am writing have been prayerfully considered.

The shooting in Orlando that occurred on Sunday was absolutely tragic, and it was tragic on many levels.

The most tragic thing is people who practice the beliefs of the LGBT movement or “radical islam” spend eternity separated from God in eternal torment in hell.  There is a very real possibility that all 50 of those who died are in hell today.  That is a horrific tragedy!

It was also tragic because one man thought “radical islam” was the answer, and he killed many in almost an execution type style in the name of what he believed.  What a tragedy!

It is also tragic that families lost their loved ones in the blink of an eye.  I know how painful it was when our 5th son was born stillborn so I can only imagine how the victim’s family and friends are feeling.

People often say “Where was God?” in the midst of a tragedy like this.

I believe that God wants us to submit to His authority.  The reality is this: The Bible teaches that sexual immorality is wrong, and the LGBT movement falls under this category.  The Bible is not the only one who shows us this.  If you study history, then you would see that sexual immorality is one of the things that can destroy a culture and society and even government structure.  See the Roman Empire as an example.

What is my point?  America is a place where sexual immorality is running rampant.  This is tragic.  I want to be clear.  I do not think that the attack on the Orlando club is a result of God’s judgment on the victims, but I do believe it is possible that attacks like this occur in our country because God has removed His hand of protection.

Our nation has been shaking our fist at God for the last 50 years, removing Him little by little, and participating in things that His Word says that He is against (Pride, Greed, Corruption, Gluttony, Immorality, Killing the Unborn, etc.).  The bottom line is this: I think God either has removed or is removing His hand of protection over our nation.

And that is crazy tragic!

What do we do?  We pray God’s comfort for the family and friends of the victims.  We show Christ’s grace and truth to all people. Most of all we pray that God’s lovingkindness would lead us to repentance!  Following Him and His ways is the only way to live!

On another note, let me tell you one of the ways that God has told our family to combat Islam.  Let me be clear, not all Muslims practice “radical islam”, but I think all Muslims are susceptible to the deception of being radicalized.  More than that though, I believe all Muslims will spend eternity in hell, separated from God.  The Muslim population is growing in this country and around the world like wild fire.  Some of that is immigration.  Some of that is just Muslims having many children. You may think we’re crazy, but you may already think that.  Here goes:

Watch the video above.  We watched this right before we decided to have a big family to impact God’s Kingdom.  The video may or may not be 100% accurate, but there is indeed a large amount of truth in it.  And this was 10 years ago.  We prayed through it, and the Lord was very clear to us to have more children.  He told us to trust Him to provide and to take care of Kelly physically.  We could provide you different passages in Scripture where He confirmed this, but going through all of them would make this post longer.  If you want those, contact me, and I would be happy to send them to you.

Every year we reevaluate if God wants us to keep having children.  We seek the Lord to see if He wants us to keep going.  At this point, He has not told us to stop.  My wife is pregnant for the 9th time, and our baby is due in December.

Ultimately, we believe the home is the #1 way we will make impact for Christ, and we believe that we can expand God’s Kingdom through our children and help combat what is going on with Islam.

Quite frankly, we also believe this is the best way to fight what is going on in our country as far as Pride, Greed, Corruption, Gluttony, Immorality, Killing the Unborn, etc. are concerned.

Let me circle this back to where I started.  I right now am praying that God would God would comfort the parents of the Orlando killer.  Right now I am praying that God would comfort the family of the victims.  I am also praying the salvation of Jesus Christ to come to so many impacted by this.  But that is not all I am praying.

Our nation has forsaken God, and I am praying that we would repent.  I am praying that God would raise up people to bow down to Him alone.  I know He is doing this to some extent.

I am praying that God would give us strength and boldness to have as many kids He asks us to, and to parent them to bow down to Christ alone!  I am praying that He would continue to give me clarity on where there is idolatry in my life, and I am also praying that He would give me boldness to speak out against idolatry both inside and outside the church.

In light of all that is going on in our culture and all that Christ has done, what is He saying to you?



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