My Thoughts on John 6

When you blog, sometimes you forget what if you have written about something or not.  If I have written about this, then please forgive me.  I just feel impressed by the Lord to write on this today.

In John 6, Jesus feeds the 5,000 men plus the women and children.  After this miracle, He dismisses the crowd.  However, the crowds follow Him.  Jesus then addresses their heart motivation for following after Him.  He tells the crowd they don’t really want Him, but they want what Jesus can give them (example: loaves and fish).

I was at a point in my life 5 years ago where I was confronted with this issue.  Why did I want to follow Jesus?  If I was honest, I would say it was because of what I wanted from Him.  From June 2009-May 2010, my grandfather died, our church that I pastored collapsed, and my 5th child was born stillborn.  I did not sign up to follow Jesus and have my church collapse and my son die.  I wanted Him to fix things.  If I am honest, then I would say I wanted Him to fill my belly.

Jesus tells the crowd if they want true satisfaction, then it only comes in Him.  He is the Bread of Life.  We must eat his flesh and drink His blood.  We must consume all of Jesus.

The crowd, like us, responds by saying that this is a hard teaching.  Five years ago I was in agreement with the crowd.  The crowd made the decision to turn back and no longer follow Christ.  I wrestled in my heart big time with Jesus 5 years ago.  Why should I follow Him?  My son was gone.  My church was gone.  What was my real motivation for following Him?

Jesus later in John 6 asks the disciples if they are going to leave like the crowd left.  Peter responds with this question, “To whom shall we go?”.  Five years ago I was faced with the same question.

To whom shall I go?  My answer ended up being similar to Peter’s.  He alone is where there is true life.  He is the only source of satisfaction.  He alone is worthy to be consumed!  He is enough!

Challenge for you and me both:  Why do we follow Christ?  Do we want Him because He fills our bellies?  Do we want Him because He fixes things in our lives?  Do we follow Him because He alone is the source of true life?  Do we follow Him because He alone satisfies?  Do we follow Him because He alone is worthy to be consumed?  Do we follow Him because Jesus, and only Jesus, is enough?

Let’s answer these questions today!


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