Sexual Sin is Killing Us!

GQ magazine published an article over 1 year ago that basically gives 10 reasons to stop looking at porn.  If the secular world in our nation is addressing this, then why is the church in our nation largely ignoring it?

For confidentiality reasons, I must be careful what I write, but I also want to be clear that I know from firsthand knowledge that the sexual sin issue is exploding in the church.  I have helped students who battle pornography addiction or homosexuality or messing around sexually with their girlfriend.  I have helped men who have violated their marriage covenant through pornography addiction or through an extramarital affair with another woman or women.

I do this at least 50% of my week, every week.

Here is my question: When will the church in our nation call for corporate repentance from their body?  When will church discipline in our nation be practiced again?  When is the last time you heard a sermon series on homosexuality?  I don’t mean one that bashes secular culture’s view on the issue, but I mean one that calls for repentance of that sin in that congregation.  When was the last time you heard a sermon series on pornography addiction or a sermon series on adultery in general that called for church wide repentance?

Before I continue, I must tell you that there are churches in our nation who do both of these things.  However, it would seem that they are in the minority.

If your church is one of these churches, then go to your pastors and elders and thank them for leading in this type of way!

If your church is not one of these churches, I beg you to go to your church leadership.  Plead with them to get their head out of the sand and start addressing this.  It is killing us!  You may say, “what about other issues of sin?”.  I would say address those as well.  We must address the issue of idolatry in the American church today.  I must investigate my own heart first, but I must encourage my church body to address these heart issues of idolatry as well.

Maybe you are reading this and find yourself struggling with sexual sin or another issue of idolatry.  The first step is to repent!  You must come clean and tell someone!  Maybe you would feel led to contact me through my web site, and we can direct you to the appropriate place of help.

I know how difficult it is to come clean like this.  I have done it in my own life, and it was very scary and painful.  I am so thankful to the Lord that He gave me the courage to get things into the light.  Would the Lord be leading you to get some things in the light?  Would the Lord be leading you to go to your church leadership and plead with them to address these issues in your church?  Would the Lord be leading you to go and thank your church leadership for having the courage to address these issues?  Would the Lord lead you to forward this blog post to everyone in your email address book, or would the Lord lead you to post it on your facebook wall?

Almost Done: Before you think I want to bash people for their sin, please hear me out.  God is holy and glorious and cannot look on sin.  When I receive what Christ did for me on the cross, God declares me to be holy and is in the process of helping me become that in my daily life.  What’s my point?  I flee idolatry because that is not who I am anymore.  I run away from sexual sin because the cross set me free from that.  I pursue holiness out of gratitude to the Lord.

Remember, we are all messed up without Christ.  Christ did not die for me when I had my act together.  He died for me when I was a sinner.  He died for me when I was addicted to porn.  That is powerful!  That is amazing love!

May gratitude motivate us to bow down to Him and only Him.  May gratitude motivate us to encourage and/or implore our church leaders to address the issue of idolatry in general and sexual sin specifically.



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