Fifty Shades of Grey vs. Old Fashioned

It is pretty unusual for me to blog about movies, but on this one I could not resist.

Two movies made their debut this weekend, Fifty Shades of Grey and Old Fashioned.

According to MSN Entertainment, Fifty Shades of Grey grossed over 80 million dollars this past weekend.

This movie is basically porn that has made it onto the big screen as a “romance” movie.  The fact it could gross over 80 million dollars makes me want to throw up.

A less known film called Old Fashioned has grossed a little over 1 million dollars since its release (according to Box Office Mojo).  I am not very good at math, but there is a pretty big gap there.

So what is the point of this post?  I am encouraging as many as can to find a theatre where Old Fashioned is showing and go support it.  It is a compelling story of a young man haunted by his past sexual sins meeting a girl who is haunted by past abusive relationships.  God is honored!  Marriage is honored!  Respecting women is championed!  Everything that Fifty Shades of Grey falls short of!

I must also warn you that it is a chick flick, but it is the best chick flick I have ever seen.

It is a short post, but that is on purpose.  Now you can google the movie and find the theatre closest to you that it is showing.  Start googling now!!!!


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