Invitation to Dine

First of all, I want to start off this post by saying “thank you” for praying.  My time in Illinois went well.  Trying to get home was a bit of a challenge with flight delays, etc., but I finally made it home.  I really sensed God’s presence while I taught, and the parents and youth leaders I spoke to at the church were very responsive.  Praise the Lord!

Also, Kelly and I are really doing well at releasing any anxiety about the pregnancy to the Lord.  Thank you for your prayers in this regard, and praise the Lord that He is our peace!

Recently, during several mentoring meetings, I have encountered many young men who do not know how to have intimacy with Jesus.  They know how to read their Bibles and pray, but they do not know how to transfer that into intimacy with the King of kings.  Part of the issue for them is they make it merely an intellectual exercise.

In Revelation 3:20, Jesus says, “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.”

If you look at the context of the passage, you will find that Christ is addressing the Church at Laodicea (believers who know Him).  The invitation that was given to the Church of Laodicea in Revelation 3 is an invitation that is given to us today.

One of the things that God has challenged me with when I pray or read my Bible is to picture Him sitting across the dinner table from me desiring intimacy with me.

How cool is that?  The King of kings wants to dine with me, talk to me, fellowship with me, hang out with me!  Wow!!!

When I mentor these young men, I encourage them to take their time in the Word and their time in prayer and picture it as an intimate meal time with the Savior, King Jesus.

This is what I know:  When I do this, it helps my intimacy with Him.  These young men I mentor tell me that it is helping them.  Maybe God could use this to help you as well.  Maybe this is a new thought, or maybe this is just a reminder.

Regardless, may we all walk away praising King Jesus that He desires intimate relationship with us!  Let’s go have a meal with Him!


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  1. Wow, Josh! I really like this! Thank you for your sensitive insight into Rev. 3:20 and your invitation for me to experience it, especially as I am taking in my “spiritual food.” You are fighting the good fight, every day.

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