The Online World and Narcissism

On October 27th I will be addressing parents of Junior High and High School students at Grace Prep in Arlington TX.  This is not restricted to Grace Prep families.  Any family can attend.  The event is from 7pm-8:15pm.  Here are some of the topics we will address that evening:

1. The online world and narcissism

2. Parents are called by to God to model lives of worship for our children

If we are not careful, the online world can lead to narcissism for our students.  Narcissism is basically self love or self worship.  Obviously we do not want to fall into this ourselves, and we certainly do not want our children to fall into this.  However, the online world creates opportunity for self worship all the time.  This comes in the forms of social media, online gaming, pornography, sexting, etc.  On the 27th this is one of the things we will address.  Please be in prayer for this time.

Also, that night we will discuss how God’s primary command for the parent is to model worship for our children.  Part of this is taught, but most of this is caught.  Our entire lives must proclaim worship of Almighty God to our kids.  How so?

1. How we talk and what we talk about

2. How we spend our time

3. What we eat and how much we eat

4. What we watch and how much we watch of it

6. What we read and how often we read it

7. Where we spend money and how much we spend

8. What we listen to and how often we listen to it

In essence, every ounce of our life must be engaging in worship of God.  On Monday night we will offer practical suggestions of how to do that.  Again, we ask you to pray for this time.

Most importantly pray that Christian parents in our culture would have the wisdom and courage to parent their children against narcissism and toward worship of a Holy God!





  1. Praying for that time dude that God speaks to parents in a very practical way and uses you to change lives of dads and moms to shepherd well. Love u dude

  2. I love how you point it back to worship. The life focus of the parents is SO important. Today I was reading in Isaiah and thinking about we have gotten to where we are today as a society, how without even realizing sometimes, we have rejected a holy life, dedicated to worship of God, and we worship all kinds of other things. As a result, we have so many problems, starting with the breakdown of the family. “My people have stubborn and rebellious hearts. They have turned away and abandoned me. They do not say from the heart, ‘Let us live in awe of the Lord our God, for He gives us rain each spring and fall, assuring us of a harvest when the time is right’.” Is. 5:23

    Keep preaching the hard and beautiful truth, Josh. We love your family and the bright light that you are shining together into the darkness.

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