The Elephant in the Room

I know it has been a long time since I have posted.  Sorry about that.  I had the privilege of speaking at several youth camps in Texas this summer.  I was not the main speaker.  I led breakout sessions each day.  The title of my breakout was “The Elephant in the Room”.

As you probably know this phrase refers to something we can see right in front of us, but it is simply too taboo or awkward to actually talk about.  As students would come they would wonder what I was really going to be talking about.  My topics included:

  • internet pornography
  • sexting
  • masturbation
  • heterosexual activity outside of marriage
  • homosexuality

If you have made it this far, then you can probably imagine how interesting some of those breakouts were.  I would like to take the rest of the blog post and share some observations from what I experienced during these weeks.  I will not be too specific because you would not want to read it and because I want to protect the confidentiality of the individuals I spoke to.

My observations (in no particular order):

  • Most of the students I spoke to grew up in church, but they did not have a clear understanding of the gospel or sex.
  • I was asked multiple times if masturbation was a sin (by both girls and boys).
  • I was asked multiple times why homosexuality was wrong (lots of confusion on this).
  • I would counsel students or adults anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours after I was finished.  This indicated to me that this issue is huge and students and adults do not know who to talk to about it.
  • I had pornography addiction confessed to me (by both guys and girls).
  • I had homosexuality confessed to me.

My thoughts on these observations:

  • We must address topics of sexual sin in our churches!
  • In my opinion, masturbation is sin. (Sex is meant to occur by holy union between husband & wife.  I am not sure how you can masturbate without being selfish or lustful.)
  • We must articulate the gospel!  God is holy.  We fall short.  Christ absorbed God’s wrath on the cross that was meant for us.  Through Christ we have relationship with God.  That relationship comes through receiving the free gift of Christ as I surrender my life to Him.  The promise we get is life forever with God in heaven & a God who is with us in this life no matter what we face.

It was a privilege getting to speak with these students & adults.  May those students & adults find & enjoy freedom that comes from the cross of Christ!  May that be true of me & of all of us!


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