Created to Worship

I have the opportunity to speak at Mansfield Bible Church on Saturday, 4/26 at 7am.  I will be speaking about being men who lead our family to worship the Lord, and Him alone.  On Tuesday, 4/29, I will have the opportunity to speak to parents at Grace Prep in Arlington.  I will speaking to the parents about how God hardwired our brain chemistry for worship.  If that worship is misplaced it can lead to idolatry.  We will specifically be looking at the idol of sexual sin, specifically internet porn and sexting.

I would like to invite you to pray, to come or to invite your friends to these events.

Since I am speaking on these things that are related to worship, this has caused me to want to blog about it.

Colossians 1 shows us that Christ is creator, and we are created by Him and for Him.  Isaiah 40 shows us just how big this Creator God really is.  He can hold the water in the hollow of His hand.  He can measure the heavens with the span of His hand.  Exodus 33 tells us how glorious He is.  If mankind looked on His face, then we would die.  Isaiah 6 explains how holy He is.  Angelic beings sing praises to Him, and His holiness causes buildings to shake.  Romans 3 shows us that we fall short of this great holiness and glory.  This is why Christ had to come.

When Christ came and died and rose again, John 17 tells us that it brought great glory to God.  Watch this:  When one is made right with God in Christ it brings glory to God, and when one then lives out this faith life surrendered to Christ then God is glorified in that life.  This is what we were created for, to glorify Him!

Jeremiah 2 basically tells us that we settle for things that won’t satisfy, like sexual sin or other idols.  We bow down to that, instead of to the glorious and powerful one, the Lord Jesus Christ!  For the one surrendered to Christ, 2 Corinthians 5 shows us that Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection declare us to be holy and righteous before God, and God then empowers us to live a life of holiness and righteousness.  When we do this, we worship Him!  We glorify Him!

Consequently, we experience far more lasting fulfillment than some cheap thrill like sexual sin or any other form of idolatry.

My request is that you pray for me as I deliver this message to men and parents.  May we live our lives out of our identity in Christ for the glory of God as we worship Him.


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