Joseph’s Plan: FLEE!

In Genesis 39, Joseph experiences some significant sexual temptation. Day after day he is enticed by Potiphar’s wife to have sex. Day after day he refuses. Eventually, the only way he can avoid the temptation is to flee.

We could go through the rest of the story about how Potiphar’s wife lies about him, and he ends up in jail for doing what’s right. However, that is not the point of my blog today. I want to emphasize how Joseph escaped the temptation. He fled! It was that simple. I would assume it was not easy, but his plan was simple.

We live in a world where we are bombarded with sexual temptation. If you follow my blog at all, then you know that I write about this a great deal.

Let me back up and explain God’s plan for sex. It’s not that sex is bad before marriage and then sex becomes good. Sex is good! In fact, it is great! Doing it God’s way looks like this. God is faithful, and he wants us to reflect that faithfulness in how we live our lives. Regarding sex, God wants us to be faithful to our future spouse or current spouse or faithful to Him if we are called to a life of singleness. By not participating in any kind of sexual immorality (petting, intercourse, porn, homosexuality, sexting, etc.), then I am demonstrating this faithfulness of God.

If God does call one to marriage, then the sexual part of the relationship is obviously very intimate. This intimacy only symbolizes the closeness and intimacy God wants with His followers.

Often times the chemical releases in our brain associated with sex are adrenaline and dopamine. God designed these for good things. However, these chemicals can play tricks on us when it comes to our desire for sexual immorality. If my understanding of brain science is correct it takes about 30 minutes to calm these chemical levels in your brain down. When one is tempted and these chemicals are firing hard, we encourage people to have a 30 minute plan to flee temptation and run to Jesus.

Ironically, is this not similar to what Joseph did here? The challenge is this. Be willing to flee. Be willing to run to Jesus for that 30 minutes. Be willing to delete your social media account if necessary. Be willing to get rid of your laptop, smartphone or ipad if that is what it takes. What’s the point? The point is: FLEE!!!!!!!!

This is what Joseph taught us. May our desire be to reflect God’s faithfulness in all aspects of life, but certainly this one!


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