Sound the Alarm Again

Tomorrow night I will have the privilege of getting to talk to parents at Grace Prep in Arlington.  We will be addressing issues like self harm and bullying.  I will not specifically be addressing these topics.  I will get the opportunity to share what it means to spiritually invest in our children.  I thought I would use this blog to share the five ways God has led us to spiritually invest in our kids.

In Deuteronomy 6, God tells us we are to love Him with all of us, and He tells us we are to model this for our children.  Writing about the following things is intended to give praise and glory to God, as well as help other families think through Deuteronomy 6 for themselves.  We are not saying all families should do what we are doing.  We are simply telling you how God has led us to model “loving Him” for our children.   Here are the five ways we try to do that in our home, in no particular order.

1. Live a life of obedience (God has called us to be a home that has many children.  One of the reasons for this is because we believe the greatest impact we can make on the kingdom is in our home.  As I shared in a recent blog this is what motivated me to have a vasectomy reversal.  One of the things God used to help in that regard was this you tube video on muslim demographics.  God has also called us to be a home that speaks out against internet pornography.  Both of these things God has called us to can be hard at times and requires sacrifice.  To model Deuteronomy 6 for our children we must obey God no matter the cost.)

2. Live a life of faith (As I mentioned before, God has called us to a ministry of speaking out against internet pornography as I mentor and disciple young men and students.  In this ministry we raise financial support.  Obviously, this requires faith.  Having multiple children and raising money to live on only increases our need for faith.  In addition to this, we believe God has called us to pursue adoption.  So far all doors we have pursued have been closed, but we by faith continue to pursue the adoption process until God tells us to stop.)

3. Model giving financially and give our children the same opportunity (Kelly and I have a set percentage we want to give away every month.  We want to give it to places that help the poor and spread the gospel.  We challenged our kids to do the same.  Currently, they support a compassion child every month, using mostly their own money. They also write to this child on a consistent basis.)

4. Model serving and give our children the same opportunity (We take our kids to Mission Arlington from time to time.  This is great for us and great for them as we serve our city along side a fabulous organization.)

5. One on One time in the Word, Father to Child (At least twice a month I meet with our children individually and go through the Word with them.  They get to pick which book they want to study.  We discuss it, let them ask questions and talk about how it applies to our lives.)

I write this blog and ask you to pray for tomorrow night.  I also write it to challenge you.  We did not always do those five things with our children.  I had a friend who really challenged me to teach the Word of God to my kids so I implemented that in my life.  I had another friend who challenged me on the idea of increasing our faith.  I remember when God’s Word convicted my heart about giving generously to impact His Kingdom.  I think you get the point.  I share these things with you because they were shared with me.

I don’t know how God wants to speak to your heart, but my hope and prayer is that you and I are challenged to love God with all of us and that we would in turn model this for our children!


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