God’s Ways, My Schemes

God’s Plans, My Schemes

Here is the deal.  Typically when we think of Genesis, we think of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph.  For a moment let’s focus in on Jacob.  It would be easy to think of Jacob as one who struggled with trusting God’s plan.  It seemed Jacob often had schemes to help God along on His plans.

Jacob was not alone in this.  God had plans, Esau had schemes.  However, Jacob had his own schemes to accomplish God’s plans.  Esau had his own schemes, but it seems they were to accomplish his plans, not God’s.

Hang with me here.  In Genesis 25, Esau trades something very valuable (his birthright) for some stew.  What Esau is saying is that his own personal gratification is more important than that which has great value and worth.  It makes me sad how I have done this in my own life.

When I battled pornography, I was saying that momentary pleasure was of more value than my commitment to Christ.  When I would play video games to all hours of the night trying to craft and perfect my trade so I could beat my roommate in college, I was placing more value on that than going to class and honoring Christ with my work and effort.  When I would indulge in hours upon hours of sports when first married, I was telling my wife that sports was of more value than her.  When I pursued ministry over my relationship with God and relational connection with my family I was saying that “success” is of greater worth than relationship.

You see, we are not unlike Esau.  I want to value the things that are of greatest value.  Those things are God, His Word, my family, etc.  When I have my life in proper perspective, God empowers me to not make silly trades like Esau.

How do I get my life in proper perspective?  I remember the bigness of God.  Isaiah 40 tells us He can hold the waters of the earth in the hollow of His hand.  This God is so big, yet He laid His life down to bring glory to the Father and reconcile people to Himself.  I want to value this incredible God.

Ephesians 5 tells me to lay my life down for my wife like Christ laid His life down for me.  Deuteronomy 6 tells me to model loving God for my children as I invest in them.

What am I saying?  What is of worth and of value is God, His Word, His call, His people.  I want to value those things.  When I am tempted by some “stew” I want God to remind me there are other things of far greater worth.



  1. Thanks very much for your thoughts on this…I don’t like to think of myself as like Esau…ouch! But I could certainly identify with your experiences of trading “stew” for far more important things, especially when I am really hungry! So important to be hungry for the relationships that can genuinely satisfy…

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