Online Gaming and Video Games

I am sending this out for multiple reasons.

1. I want to raise awareness on another huge issue of addiction for students, especially young men.

2. I want to ask people to pray as I share on this topic the night of 2/6.

3. If you are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, then I want to invite you to come to Grace Prep in Arlington on 2/6 at 7:00pm.  I don’t just want to invite you, but I want to encourage you to invite friends you have that are parents and grandparents.  You can click on the link below for the address to Grace Prep if you want to attend that night.

Grace Prep Address

It is amazing to me the parallel between porn and online gaming/video games.  I know that sounds pretty crazy when you first read it, but try to hear me out.  Porn provides a false reality of sex and intimacy.  Online gaming and video games can provide more of a fantasy view of life than reality.  Porn can become very addictive, and one can run to that instead of running to Jesus.  Online gaming and video games can become very addictive as well, and one can pursue those instead of pursuing Jesus.

Addiction to either one of these can leave someone stuck and unable to fulfill their true potential in life.  This happens for a number of reasons, but let’s focus on two.

1. Brain scans of porn addicts look like brain scans of drug addicts or alcoholics.  Brain scans of frequent gamers (more than 9 hours a week) look like brain scans of gambling addicts.  The reason one is stuck if they are addicted is because their brain has been altered to be able to live more in fantasy than reality.

2. If one runs to anything for fulfillment other than Jesus, it will ultimately not bring satisfaction.  The porn addict or gamer stays stuck in their pattern of life, and does not learn how to connect with Jesus, and ultimately fulfill his/her potential.

On 2/6 I will get the chance to talk about how online gaming and video games can be a good thing, but I will address how the forces of darkness are using them to keep young men stifled.

Please do not read this and think I am against video games.  We own a wii.  My sons plays the wii.  I play the wii with him. It is one of the ways we connect.  I would encourage you to play video games with your son or daughter.  It is actually quite fun.

At the same time, I want us to be diligent to educate ourselves on what it means to appropriately protect our children so they can reach their full potential and become all God wants them to be.


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