SnapChat-Are you kidding me?

I know that I just posted yesterday, and I usually wait a week or two before I post again.  However, this one could not wait.  I have a friend who is a pastor in Dallas, and he emailed me an article about SnapChat.

I knew what SnapChat was and the dangers of it, but I did not know why the creators of the SnapChat App originally created it.  I also did not know how digital images are stored in the cyber world either.

After reading the article I am now encouraging everyone I know to delete the SnapChat App from their phone and to have it deleted from their child’s phone.

I know at times I can be extreme.  My request may seem extreme, but after reading what I read I wanted to throw up.

You may have already read the article.  If you have not and want to, then click on the link below:

SnapChat Article

I will continue to passionately write about and speak on how it is our Christian mandate to appropriately protect our children!  We must appropriately protect them from the forces of darkness and the pressures of culture, but, with the Lord’s help, we must appropriately protect them from themselves!

I am not a big New Year’s Resolution guy, but let’s take the word “resolution” for a minute.  It comes out of the word “resolve”.  Could we resolve in our hearts that for 2014 and beyond we will be directed by the Lord to appropriately protect our children, our children’s children, and our children’s, children’s children?


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