As I write this, there are tears running down my face.  My father asked me to do some research for him about what internet pornography is doing to our culture.  I was able to find multiple different things online like stats, etc.  To say what I found was disturbing would be an understatement.  I am choosing to not post the sites I went to on the blog because some of the content on those sites is not appropriate.  It is not porn, but it is inappropriate nonetheless.

I did not want to copy and paste the info into the blog because this creates copyright issues.  Instead, I put together 9 Word documents that contains all the info that I found.  In each document I sited the sources for where the info was found.  If you want to go to those sites directly, then you can.

This is my desire.  I would love for everyone who receives this blog to go to the Contact page of my site and request that I send them these 9 word docs via email.  I want everyone to read all 9 word docs.  It should take about 1 hour.  After reading this I would highly encourage you to go read Exodus 33:18-23, Exodus 34:29-35, and Isaiah 6:1-7.

There are two reasons I request this.  The first is because I want us to see the moral filth that is going on in our culture (and really see it!)  The shocking thing is that even the world is waking up and realizing that moral filth is really hurting our society, to the point that secular magazines are encouraging people to stop watching porn.  If this is what the secular world is saying, then what should the church be saying?

The second is this.  We need to see the moral filth of our culture side by side with God’s Holiness.  Those passages in Exodus and Isaiah tell of the Glory and Holiness of God.  Romans 3:23 is true!  We have fallen way short of God’s Glory!  However, Romans 3:24 is true, just as Isaiah 6:6-7 is true as well.  God makes us right with Him through Christ, and we can experience complete forgiveness through this Jesus.

May God’s Holiness and God’s Grace motivate us and empower us to not only live holy lives, but to take necessary stands against the evils and moral filth of our culture.

I am sure it sounds like I am just beating the same drum.  It only sounds like that because I am!  We are drowning!  Our students and children are drowning!  We need Jesus to rescue us!

Let us not bury our heads in the sand.

Contact me requesting those articles.  Read them and have your heart broken.  Read about God’s Glory and Holiness.  As you read, you will be amazed and overwhelmed.  Choose to stand against this evil!  Talk to your child’s school.  Set up an appointment with your pastor.  Appropriately protect your home from this moral filth.

James 1:21 says, “Get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent and humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you.”

Let us fall on our faces before God and beg for His mercy and for revival to come!


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