God’s Covenant, My Blessing

I know that I do many blogs about sexual sin and pornography.  In this particular blog I will touch on it, but I may take a different spin on it.  Here goes:

The reason adultery, pornography, and homosexuality are wrong is that they are outside of God’s covenant of marriage.  God is faithful, and He wants us to reflect His faithfulness.  If we are married, He wants us to reflect that faithfulness to our spouse.  When we do that we are not only being faithful to our spouses but we are being faithful to God.  For the one who is single or for the child growing up at home, God wants them to reflect His faithfulness to their future mate, or ultimately to Him, if He has called them to a life of singleness.

Too often we place a huge emphasis on the blessing of sex within the marriage covenant.  Don’t misunderstand me, sex in the context of marriage is a blessing.  However, the ultimate blessing of the marriage covenant from my perspective is reflecting the image of God as the married couple accepts and loves each other, weaknesses and all, with no shame.  The ultimate blessing then, if you will, is the marriage relationship itself.

Let’s then move this same concept to our relationship with God.  Too often we think the blessings of relationship with God are the things He does to impact externally or help our circumstances.  If you look at Genesis 15:1, then we see that God Himself is our great reward!  In this passage God is establishing a covenant with Abraham, and there are great blessings that come with this, but what if the great reward and the ultimate blessing for Abraham was just having connection with God Himself?

God can definitely impact our circumstances if He chooses to, and He does this very often.  Without a doubt those are blessings of relationship with God.  But what if ultimate blessing of the new covenant in Christ (Hebrews 8) is Christ Himself?  This leads me to my next question.

If that is right, is He enough?  John 6 would tell us that He is.  He is our bread of life.  He is our only source of satisfaction, and He wants us to consume all of Him for all of life.  This then takes me back to my first sentence.  We don’t need sexual sin or porn.  Why?  Christ, the bread of life, our ultimate blessing, is enough!

I am so thankful for the covenant that God gave Abraham, and I am so thankful for the new covenant in Christ.  Why?  The answer is this:  The ultimate blessing of the covenant is God alone!  May every day we grow in knowledge and understanding that He is enough!


One comment

  1. Josh,
    Please expand upon what “He is enough” means to you. The practical working out of a relationship with God in ways other than just asking Him to change things up for us.

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