God’s Creation, My Value

I had the opportunity to sit down with a college student the other day.  He had grown up in church and even prayed the “prayer of salvation”.  This of course was followed up by him being baptized to publicly proclaim His faith in Christ.

I looked at him, and he told me that he had not walked with the Lord for many years, probably even since Jr. High, he surmised.  I asked him if his heart was devoted to the Lord, and he told me “no”.  I then read him Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and explained that God wanted him to love Him (God) with His whole heart.  He explained to me he did love God, but he was just not devoted to Him.

We then proceeded to have a conversation about whether he knew the Lord or not, since it would seem love and devotion go together.  However, that subject is for another blog.  I so have much to say on that issue, but I will save it for another time.

As the conversation continued, I asked him why God was worthy of our devotion.  He said, “I would say because he created me, and he died on the cross.”

I could not agree more, and I think the apostle Paul would say the same thing.  In Colossians 1 it talks about how Christ is the Creator, but it also talks about how He is the Redeemer.

He created me so right off the bat I am of value.  Praise God!!!  Colossians 1 says I was created by Him and for Him.  My value and worth is in the fact that I am His creation!  However, it does not stop there.  Because of sin, we had to be redeemed.  Colossians 1 speaks of God valuing me so much that through Christ I can be transferred from darkness to light and have complete forgiveness of my sin.  Wow!!!!

The next time we look up at the sky we will probably see an amazing blue color, some uniquely shaped clouds, and an incredible sun.  Let us take time to acknowledge the incredible creation of God, but let’s not stop there.  Let’s also look within ourselves and say, “The same God who made that beautiful sky made me, and He valued me enough to redeem me through Jesus.”

When we experience this, our response is similar to Deuteronomy 6.  We are devoted to Him and love Him with our whole heart because He is worthy of nothing less.


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