Sermon Recap

I got to preach Friday night and Sunday morning last week.  Like I did last week, I thought I would recap my messages through my blog.

Friday night:

We looked at Isaiah 6.  This is an amazing passage.  In verses 1-5 we see our Awesome God in all His Holiness and all of His Glory!  For Isaiah, and for us, this is an intimidating proposition.  We don’t talk much about having fear of God in our church culture today, but it is very healthy to have a fear and reverence for the Lord.  I believe we can never really understand the Grace of God if we do not have a proper perspective of the Glory and Holiness of God.

Because God is Holy, He cannot tolerate or look on my sin, or anyone else’s sin for that matter.  But because God is Gracious, through Christ, He can forgive my sin.  The prophet Isaiah experiences this in chapter 6, verses 6 and 7.  The passage says that my guilt is taken away and my sin is atoned for.  Think about this for just a few minutes.  How often do I carry my guilt or sin around?  I don’t need to do this.  Why not?  Simply said, Holy God punished His Son instead of me.  All I can do is respond with gratitude to my Jesus.

This is why Isaiah tells God in Isaiah 6 He will go wherever God calls Him.  Isaiah had a pretty challenging call from God.  I believe His motivation to fulfill His call was this:  He saw God in His Holiness, and He experienced God’s forgiveness.  This is what motivates us to follow Him.  This takes us to the Sunday morning sermon.

Sunday morning:

We looked at 2 Kings 22, and we talked about how brokenness motivates us to worship Him with our whole heart.  To worship Him with our whole heart, we must tear down the idols in our lives.  I blogged on this back in March so I will try not to be redundant.  In this passage Josiah is broken before God and then fulfills God’s call on his life.

Do we see the parallels in Isaiah 6 and 2 Kings 22?  Both see God for who He really is.  I believe both are broken in His presence.  Both then fulfill God’s call on their lives.

This is how I want to live.  I want to experience God for who He is and let Him break my heart for Him and Him alone.  When He does this in me, I am empowered to fulfill His call on my life.  May we all fulfill His call on our lives!!!!

Pray for me this Sunday morning as I preach at Grace Covenant one more time.  By the way, if you want to hear those sermons I preached at Grace Covenant the last two weeks, click on the link:

Grace Covenant Sermons


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