Emotional Health

As I mentioned in my last blog, I had the opportunity to preach this past Sunday at Grace Covenant Church in Arlington.  It went really well.  I sensed God’s Spirit moving.  I get the chance to preach there this Sunday, as well as 7/28.

I feel compelled by the Lord to take that same message I delivered as a sermon and put it in blog form.  On Sunday we looked at what it really means to live an emotionally healthy life.  The bottom line is that emotional health and spiritual health go together.  They cannot be separated.

One of the reasons we can choose to attach ourselves to sin is because we believe that the sin will help us escape from the pain we are carrying in our hearts.  As I have shared before, I help men and students with internet pornography addiction.  I don’t help them with this simply for the sake of purity, but I do this so these men and students can learn how to run to God instead of porn.  God desires for us to bond and attach to Him.  He may not take our pain away, but He will be with us in it.

We run to Him because He loves us, and we experience His presence when we run to Him.  Only Him, His presence, can cause my heart to experience any type of emotional or spiritual healing.

We must run to Jesus to let Him comfort our pain.  Jesus does not want us to medicate that pain.  He wants to love on us and comfort and care for us while we are hurting.

We must also run to Him to experience the forgiveness of God, and only through Him can we give this forgiveness away to those who have wronged us.  It is not possible to give God’s forgiveness away if we have not experienced it.  We cannot impart what we do not possess.  I believe God wants me to see the weight of my sin, but I also believe He wants me to see the incredible forgiveness that is available for my sin through the cross.

The test to know if we are really experiencing God’s forgiveness is if we can give it away.  How do I give it away?  I think that 1 Peter 3:8-9 tells us to do that through blessing the one who has wronged us.

Let’s let God love on and comfort our heart when we are hurting, and let’s allow Him to overwhelm us with His forgiveness when we sin.  Let’s let Him empower us to give it away to those who have wronged us (DO THIS BY GIVING AWAY BLESSING!)

Why?  God will be honored, and we will live free!  That is way better than carrying around hurt or bitterness or running to porn or some other vice.  Let’s run to Him!


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  1. Right on man. I’m Working on running to Him. A couple things that have helped me live free the past month:
    1. Understanding that He is Holy, so I must be Holy too. We hear that a lot, but I took some time to meditate upon it and come to that conclusion on my own, starting from scratch.
    2. Reading Leviticus 1 and visualizing myself in the sin offering situations that God had set out for the Israelites. I personally get woozy just seeing blood. I know that had I ever had to do sacrifices like God had ordained back then, I’d have a Pavlovian response against sinning in the future. And I would also consciously make the right decision much more often, as I’d never want to do that again!

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