Today’s blog could seem somewhat random, but it is really not.  There are just many different things on my mind so here goes:

Media Fast Update:

I am currently almost 3 weeks into my current media fast.  I really cannot believe the subconscious impact that media has on my heart and my mind.  My wife and kids have commented that it is like I am a completely different person.  That is crazy to me.  When I think about it though, it really shouldn’t be.  Most media is not driven from a Christian perspective.  By simply choosing to go without media and feast more on God through His Word and prayer, my heart and mind are transformed.  Guess what?  When God transforms me, I am a completely different person.  Please pray for me.  I am considering eliminating most media altogether because of what I have experienced the last 3 weeks.  I know that seems extreme, but that is what I feel led to consider by the Lord.  Pray God would give me wisdom to make this decision.

Online Videos that are must see:

To be totally honest my media fast is almost a complete media fast.  With the nature of what I do, I do research online, and I also have ministry friends who email me videos to check out.  That is the only media I have observed during my fast.  The following are some that are must see.

  • Josh McDowell is aggressively attacking internet pornography.  His site has sparked some controversy, but I think we need to see it to face the truth of what is going on in our culture.  Click on link below for his site:

Josh McDowell Site

  • This next one could certainly cause some controversy.  A young woman by the name of Jessica Rey has come out speaking against the bikini, and I find it fascinating what research shows happens to the male brain while viewing women in a bikini.  Her video is about 10 minutes.  Click on the link below for her thoughts:

Jessica Rey on Invention of Bikini

  • Finally, this last one is a fascinating piece on how internet porn impacts the brain.  This is put out by a group called The Gospel Coalition, and they are a Christian group.  However, please keep in mind two of the videos on the link I am sending you to are only secular in nature.  They are simply explaining what internet porn has done and can do to the brain.  There are a couple of things on there that I wish were not, but I felt like the information was so valuable that it needed to be shared.  There are 7 things to read through and 2 videos (first one is about 3 minutes and 2nd one is about 18 minutes).  Click on link below for The Gospel Coalition link:

Gospel Coalition (Internet Porn and the Brain)

Concluding Thoughts:

Thanks for praying for me during my media fast, and thanks for checking out these links.  Pray God would help us tear down this detestable idol of internet porn!

On another note, if you live in the D/FW area. I will be preaching at Grace Covenant Church in Arlington the next 3 Sundays (July 14, 21 and 28).  I will be hitting on internet pornography on some level all three Sundays.  If you are able to come and support me, then come on.  If not, please pray God’s Spirit would move in a mighty way!  Click on link below for Google Map to Grace Covenant Church:

Grace Covenant Map


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