Media Fast Challenge

We live in a culture where we are inundated with the digital world, technology and media. If we are honest with ourselves, we would admit that we are influenced by these things either consciously or subconsciously.

One of the ways God has convicted me lately is to feast less on media and more on Him. I will be spending part of my summer fasting from media, and I will be challenging my family to do the same. I am not sure what this will look like yet. It may mean a 40 day media fast. It could mean fasting from it one day a week all summer. I am not sure yet.

Also, I am not going to expect my wife or kids to fast from media, but I am going to challenge them in this regard.

I give the same challenge to you as well. The reminder to myself and to all is that it is not just a fast from media. I fast from the digital world so I can run to Jesus. I can spend time with him in the Word, in prayer, listening to sermons, or listening to and singing worship music.

I will be blogging about my experience this summer. I want to take note of the differences, if any, I see God make. I want to pay careful attention to what He says to me during this season of fasting.

A few points to make: By writing about it in the blog, I don’t want others to feel like I am overly publicizing the fast. My desire is simply to hear from God during this season and have others, if led of the Lord, to join me. The other point I make is that I am not saying media is wrong or bad. I am simply stating that it is okay to say no to something for a period of time, even if it is a good thing, in order to draw closer to Christ. Finally, I do not want to be overly legalistic about this. I will have to access media to blog about my fast. I will need to text or call or email the guys I mentor. However, I can cease looking at espn or yahoo news or watching tv or movies for that season as I run to Jesus. Make sense?

I will be starting this fast in a couple of weeks. Please pray for me in this regard. I want to know what it needs to look like and for how long. Also, if the Lord leads you to join me, then please let me know. It is always better if we do it together.


One comment

  1. Will be praying for u bro. Excited to hear what God does with ur faithful pursuit of Him in this context. Thank you for your encouragement and leadership. Love u bro!

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