Hope for Now and for Eternity

I must confess that I will get by with a little help on this blog post. The help comes in the form of my 14 year old daughter. She wrote a poem that really inspired me, and I wanted to share it. It reads:

Hope for Eternity

When death comes knocking on your door,
Child, do not be afraid;
For you have Christ within you,
And hope for everlasting days!

When my daughter showed this to me, I just loved it. Let’s be honest. Part of me loved it because it was written by my daughter, and it thrills my heart to see her write stuff like that. The other part of me loved it because of the truth it contains. We don’t talk about heaven very much any more. We live in a world where we can order our food and 30 seconds later have it given to us. Heaven is not like that. There is no immediate gratification. Heaven is what is to come and is what we as believers in Christ long for.

I think the immediate gratification issue also plays such a big part in our world regarding so many things that we run to other than Christ. We are not getting what we want from Christ right now so we run to performance, achievement, food, alcohol, porn, etc. As you probably know at this point, I am passionate about tearing down the idol of internet pornography. So let’s take porn as our example.

We get hurt, we become angry, or we are overwhelmed with fear. The natural tendency is to escape from those negative emotions. Porn is such an easy idol for us to bow down to. Instantly, our hurt, our anger, and our fear go away as we bow down to porn. Here is the problem. As soon as we are done bowing down, we go right back to facing our hurt, anger, and fear only to now be dealing with guilt and shame as well.

As I read my daughter’s poem, I was reminded that Christ wants me to take all my negative emotion to Him. Matthew 11:28 teaches me to take my weariness and my burdens to Him. As I do that, He gives me rest. He does it in this life for sure, and it is in heaven that I experience this rest face to face (1 Corinthians 13:12).

We have hope!!!! So as part of the body of Christ, I implore myself, I implore us, as God’s children, to remember that Christ is in us and that we will be with Him for all of eternity. Nothing else brings hope like this. Being with Jesus now and with Him for all of eternity is our only hope!!!!



  1. I love seeing your daughter’s heart expressed in her poem. Such joy and pride we feel, when we see our children responding to God. Recently it has made me think about the joy and pride God must have for us, when we serve Him and joyfully carry out the ministry He has given us. Our children are not perfect and neither are we. Yet we love, and are loved by God.
    And on Heaven, well, I’m one of those people who thinks about it a lot. I like Col 1:3 where Paul talks about how our faith and love spring from the hope of what is stored up for us in Heaven. When our hope is there, we are not living for this world and what it offers. Love that anticipates the perfection and reward of Heaven doesn’t need to fear others or compete with them. Putting our hope in Heaven frees us from falsely hoping in earthly things which don’t satisfy. I think fostering this hope and getting hold of the faith and love that spring from it, is key to overcoming addictions, among other things.
    Thanks for your blog post!

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