Where is God’s Word?

I must admit that I have a bit of the prophet Elijah in me.  There are days I am ready to take on the 400 prophets of Baal like Elijah did in I Kings 18, and there are other days where discouragement and fear overwhelm me like it did Elijah in I Kings 19.

It just seems to me that God’s Word has been taken out of our culture and in some cases, out of the church.  We see the effects of this with sexual sin being so prevalent and with internet pornography being so pervasive.  If I am not careful I can respond like Elijah in I Kings 19 and just be afraid and be consumed in sadness over this.  I do not think that is the response that God wants.

I believe how God wants us to respond to this crisis is the same way that Josiah responded in II Kings 22-23.  God’s Word had been lost for quite some time.  According to II Kings 21-22, it appears that God’s Word had been lost (removed from culture if you will) for 75 years.

As God’s Word was found, did Josiah shrink back in fear?  Was he overwhelmed by the issue?  Did he allow himself to be consumed by discouragement?  No, he simply responded to God in 2 ways: brokenness and boldness.  His heart was broken before God as he considered all of the false idol worship that was taking place among God’s people, and he boldly removed false idol worship from the land.

This is the response I believe God would want us to have.  Could we see God in His Kindness and His Holiness and be broken over the results of God’s Word being removed from our culture?  Could we see God in His Love and Majesty and be empowered to boldly rid our land of the false idol worship of internet pornography?

May we attack this issue with brokenness and boldness!


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