What empowers/motivates us?

What motivates and empowers one to obey God and walk in holiness and faithfulness?  I really used to think it was a simple answer: “That is what I am supposed to do, and God will be upset with me if I don’t”.  It was almost like I was trying to earn God’s acceptance by performing in life correctly.

I can tell you that now I certainly do not believe that.  Why do I obey Him?  Why do I pursue holiness?  Why do I honor my marriage covenant through faithfulness to my wife?  Why do I say “no” to porn when the world around me says its okay?  I am motivated and empowered to obey God and walk in holiness and faithfulness because I am accepted by God through the saving work of Christ on the cross.  As I love and obey God, I am loving and honoring my wife.

How incredible is this acceptance God has for us?  Ephesians 1 tells the follower of Christ these things:

  • Chosen before the foundation of the world
  • Predestined to be adopted as His children
  • Purchased with Christ’s blood on the cross
  • Forgiven completely
  • God’s incredible grace lavished on me

These are incredible truths.  The challenge is for me to live my life out of God’s acceptance of me.  When I do this, I love Christ by walking in holiness and honor/love my wife as I am faithful to my marriage covenant.




  1. Hi Josh –
    It was so good to see you and your family in Austin last Friday. We’re glad you are listening to God and being obedient to His call, difficult though it may be. He is doing and will continue to do great things through you. I’ll be reading along here.

  2. Josh, Kaitlin and I are continuing to pray protection for you and your family from spiritual warfare. Keep fighting the good fight!

    We love you and the whole family!

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