Why another blog?

As I sit down to write this I must confess that I have two thoughts that run through my mind.  One is this: Does the world, especially the Christian world, need another blog?  The second: Why do I need to be writing this?  Me dabbling in blogging really makes no sense, especially if you know how non-tech savvy I really am.  The best answer I can give to both goes back to calling.

About  a year ago I was prayer walking in my neighborhood.  I love to pray as I walk.  I am not sure why.  All I know is that I really hear from the Lord when I walk outside and pray.  While walking, I really sensed the Lord say to me that he wanted me to be a voice against internet pornography in our culture.  I first checked to make sure there was no one else walking behind me.  I was kind of hoping that message was for someone else.  As I kept walking I realized that message was for me.

I have spent the last year listening to the Lord in how to fulfill this call on my life.  I have had opportunity to speak to students, to parents and to men on internet pornography and what God has to say about it.  Through our mentoring ministry I have had the chance to walk with several men/students who battle this issue to the point of addiction.  It has been a privilege to point these men to Christ and His cross.  What a joy it has been to help men find the freedom that Christ offers.

So with that said, I believe this is the next step in my journey to be a voice on this issue.  May my voice be His voice as I help men, students and families find freedom through the truth of the Gospel.


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